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  • IT'S HERE! The new D2 second generation diver navigation system, including the Gemini Tritech 720ik sonar
  • Soon to be released, the Kenautics Sonar only hand-held diver system, featuring the dual-frequeny Tritech Gemini 720ik/1200ik multi-beam sonar system. This system includes the option for the HUD (Heads Up Display) (See details below in this website) as well as the option to use the floating GPS antenna to aid in position identification for forensic cases and oceanographic research. The system also includes an on-board GPS for surface GPS fixes.
  • Kenautics was recently featured in the San Diego. See the article Small Business VOYAGER Article HERE.

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See the new 'D2'. Smaller, lighter, and with new options

Newly released with the dual-frequency Gemini 720ik/1200ik, including Near-field auto-focus and true multi-beam best-in-class imaging

DiNIS Diver Navigation and Imaging System

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Options and Accessories

  • Heads Up Display

    See the DiNIS Screen in front of your mask in Black Water Dives.

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  • Batteries

    High Energy Density UN 38.2 certified Lithium Ion Batteries for 12 hours of operation. Available also for purchase to power your own for land, air, and sea vehicles and devices.

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  • Floating Antenna

    The Floating GPS antenna can be used to re-calibrate your position fix after a long swim without bounce diving.

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Keeping Your Underwater Mission Safe.

Our team of experienced engineers is dedicated to the mission of serving the underwater diver and the subsea operator to provide reliable, accurate, mission critical subsea navigation equipment.

Kenautics underwater products are focused on achieving accuracy in waypoint navigation.

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Kalman Filter-Based Navigation Engine (K-NAV)

K-NAV is the core processor and software suite at the heart of Kenautics products. K-NAV provides for input of numerous navigation and subsea sensors including:

  • Doppler Velocity Log (DVL)
  • Inertial Motion Unit and Attitude, Heading, and Roll Sensor (IMU/AHRS)
  • Pressure Sensor
  • Global Positioning System (GPS) Receiver (Commercial GPS, with options for SAASM GPS)

K-NAV's proprietary navigation algorithms provide highly accurate velocity and position information to provide complete geo-referenced location awareness for both divers and subsea vehicle operators.

Diver Navigation and Imaging System (DiNIS)

DiNIS is one of the world's most capable, integrated, underwater hand-held diver navigation systems ever designed. Designed primarily for the demanding needs of the world's military Special Forces, as well as for law enforcement, search and rescue, salvage, and academic research, DiNIS provides a complete suite of commercial underwater navigation sensors for the purpose of waypoint navigation, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR), bathymetry, and underwater imagery in the form of both sonar and video. DiNIS is designed to achieve STANAG 2897 Class B Compliance.

DiNIS Functionality

  • Waypoint Navigation
  • Sonar Imagery
  • Video Imagery
  • Marking of Targets of Interest
  • Mission Analysis, Data is available through an open source/open architecture format and can be made COIN (Common Operator Interface, Navy) compatible.

With advanced Kalman filtering capabilities, Kenautics promises to deliver accuracy in underwater navigation and diver location and positioning.

DiNIS derives from generations of experience in diver navigation systems. It is differentiated from other systems by its unique and tight integration of all sensors and data that provides simultaneous interoperability across all active sensors, with minimal interference, and with all data geo-referenced and sharing a common time stamp. This assures complete and rapid situational awareness both to the diver and to the mission planner.

Interaction with our top-side mission planning and post-processing software suite adds enhanced value to the military end user. With the capability of processing many missions simultaneously, situational awareness can be gained rapidly and with precision. Reconnaissance of underwater targets can be marked on the spot by the diver and tagged with relevant details to gain greater environment and domain awareness.

For detailed product specifications and to learn about our specialized product offerings, latest developments, and unique future offerings, or for special customized products, we encourage you to contact us today.

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Product Catalog Detailed Product Specification HUD Literature Recommended Top-Side PC

Specific DiNIS™ Specifications.

System Depth Rating: 100 m

Navigation Components

Doppler Velocity Log:

Frequency: 600 kHz;


Sensor Roll Rate: 200 °/s;

Max Heading Error : 0.8 ° (2 ° in magnetic environment)

Pressure Sensor Depth:

Precision: 0.1m; Accuracy: 0.5 m

GPS: Commercial Grade OEM with optional deployable antenna. Military SAASM capable.

Magnetic Compass: Redundant Magnetic Dive Compass (for emergency use)

Navigation Accuracy (typical):

DVL: Long term accuracy

0.25% of distance +/- 1m*

DVL aided inertial (best case):CEP error

Operational CEP error is dependent on environmental conditions and driver handling. Ideal conditions yield 0.15-0.3%. Typical environments and handling result in variable CEP between 0.1% to 2% of distance traveled.

Pitch-roll sensor range:

With 2-D cal: up to +/- 20 degrees of vertical rotation

With 3-D cal: up to 360 degrees of vertical rotation

*Assumptions: Calibrated heading at start.
Initial position fix accuracy; 10 cm.
Circular or out-and-back swim path.
Ideal conditions (no drift, no stray magnetic fields; constant pitch/roll attitude.)
Constant DVL Bottom Lock

Sensors and Batteries

Forward looking sonar:

Tritech Gemini 720 ik

Blueview DF900-2250, dual Frequency, 900 kHz/2250 kHz

Low-light video camera:

Resolution: Up to 800 TVL
Sensitivity: 0.001 LUX

LED Camera Lights

Battery Type: Lithium Ion (standard);

Battery Capacity: 6 hours typical operation per battery-12 hours for 2 batter operation. (Lithium)

Underwater swappable to allow extending mission time

Housing Materials:

Low magnetic-Predominately Delrin™


Backlit TFT LCD

Resolution: 1080 p

Display size: 10.1"

Data storage capacity:

USB; 100 Gbyte*

Solid-State Disc Drive:

256 GB (Std);

512 GB

1 TB (optional)

*USB and solid state disc size subject to change without notice.


DiNIS™ is a unique and specialized, fully integrated, high-accuracy diver navigation system based on the world's most capable subsea sensors. All sensors are fully integrated with no external cables and are interoperable under a single software environment. DiNIS™ allows user configuration, including changes in sonar type and frequency, camera type, and may be operated as a navigation only system by removal of all imaging hardware with no change to the user interface.

The system operates with Top-Side software for mission planning and post-mission analysis. All mission data is imported and exported to/from DiNIS™ and data from all sensors is geo-reference and time stamped in real-time and stored on a removable Solid State disc for analysis on the top-side PC with immediate and rapid post-processing.

Specifications herein are typical values based on use of all sensors.


DiNIS™ is user configurable single integrated non-metallic and non-magnetic housing, compliant to NATO STANAG 2897 Class B. Materials.


Depth Rating: 100 m

Weight, buoyancy, and dimensions may vary according to configuration.


Variable by user configuration

Typical Configuration:

In Air: 20.4-27.4 lb/9.2-12.5 jg

In Water: 0.2-0.4 lb/.09-.18 kg typical.

Change in buoyancy available upon request.


Operating Temp. (oC): 0 to +45;°C

Storage Temp. (oC): -20 to +60°C w/o battery(-20 to +50 with battery)

DVL aided inertial (best case):

0.25% CEP vs. distance +/- 1m + heading error. Typical CEP dependent upon environmental conditions and may vary from 0.15% to 2% Cep

Imaging Sensors

Forward looking sonar:

Tritech Gemin 720 ik;

Blueview DF900-2250, dual Frequency, 900 kHz/2250 kHz;

Typical Detection Range for 1 m object

Tritech: 720 kHz 0-100 m

Blueview: 900 kHz: Max 90-100m, 2250 kHz: 25-30m;

Optimal Classification Range

Tritech 720 kHz: 0-30m

900 kHz: Max 0-30m

2250 kHz: 0.2-5m

View Angle:

Tritech: 120 deg (H) x 20 deg (V)

Blueview:130-deg (H) x 20 deg (V)

Blueview DF900-2250, dual Frequency, 900 kHz/2250 kHz;

Maximum Detection Range for 1 m object

Tritech: 720 KHZ 0-120 m;

Blueview: 900 kHz: 90-100m, 2250 kHz: 25-30 m

2250 kHz: 25-30 m

Optimal Operating Range

Tritech 720 kHz: 5-60m

Blueview 900 kHz: 5-55m, 2250 kHz: 3-8m

Navigation Components:

DiNIS™ Utilizes multi-variable, stochastic, variable weighting Kalman navigation filters.

Doppler Velocity Log: Teledyne RDI

Pathfinder" Phased Array DVL Frequency: 607.2 kHz;

Range: 89m typical in ideal conditions; option to 160m

4-beam, 30-degree beam angle

Beamwidth: 2.4-degree single direction; 1.8-degree bi-directional beamwidth

Motion Sensor:

AHRS, 200 °/s roll, with 0.8 ° heading

Pitch-roll sensor range:

With 2-D cal: up to +/- 20 degrees

With 3-D cal: up to +/- 180 degrees

Depth sensor:

Precision: 0.1m; Accuracy: 0.5 m

GPS: Commercial GradeU Blox OEM with optional deployable antenna or dual frequency

Navigation accuracy (typical):

DVL only: 0.3% CEP vs. distance +/- 1m

Assumptions: Calibrated heading at start initial position fix accuracy; 10 cm.

Circular or out-and-back swim path

Ideal conditions (no drift, no stray magnetic fields; constant pitch/roll attitude)

Constant DVL Bottom Lock

Specialized Operational Software Features:

Emergency "Kill" function

Screen Blackout

All sensor data (video, sonar, navigation) is geo-referenced and time-stamped and stored in common data format on removable media

Low-light video camera:


Low-Light Color: 0.0001 Lux

Wide Dynamic Range Color: ).001 Lux

Black & White/IR: 0.00001 Lux

Resolution: 700/800 TVL

Field of View: Conical; Angle is Camera dependent

In Air: 90 deg

In Water: 70-83 deg

LED Camera Lights


Type: Lithium Ion (standard)

Underwater hot-swappable, in housing during operation (no external cables)

Certified for air transportation per IATA/ICAO UN 38.3 Certification

Battery Capacity: 328 Watt hours per battery, 3 hours typical operation/set of 2 (=656 Watt Hrs)

Underwater swappable to allow extending mission time, 12 hours/set of 2 batteries

Re-charge time: Standard: 3.5 hrs; Quick charge 2 hrs

Our people make the difference.

Kenautics was established with the specific purpose of integrating mission-critical, state-of-the art, Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) underwater technologies into specialized diver and underwater vehicle technologies for United States and friendly nation Special Forces, while also serving the ocean sciences community. Our team has a unique mix of expertise. With key strategic industry partners assisting in product development and production, Kenautics brings together a powerful team to serve the underwater navigation market.

With more than 150 man-years of engineering and industry experience, we bring an understanding of the challenges in the underwater domain, the needs of the Special Forces operators, and the enabling technologies that can bring an unfair advantage in the subsea domain. Kenautics evaluates and uses only the world's most powerful technologies in its products, recognizing that only the best can keep the Special Operator safe in a challenging and dangerous domain.

With both military and commercial domain experience and with international relationships, our team provides mission critical support, maintenance and sustainability support, local language assistance, and a complete understanding of our clients' needs.

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